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About us

Family Enrichment is an innovative approach to parenting based on the Case Study Method 
The relationships that you cultivate in your marriage and family are some of the most important in your life.  FE-Dallas courses will help you form your own ideas and plan according to what is best for you, for your marriage, and for your family life. 

Our Vision
  • Support parents in being united in their approach to parenting
  • Encourage parents to understand and appreciate the impact of their marital relationship on the family.
  • Enable parents to identify needs, solve problems, and set goals for their family.
  • Provide parents with varied practical suggestions and ideas which they can apply to their own family situation.
  • Encourage parents to consider the long term benefits of good parenting on their children.
These courses help parents learn a solid and effective method that helps them put their educational mission into practice.  It also creates a support network among participating families!

We have been offering courses for 10 years and have been successful in helping many families to be empowered to help change the world… one child at a time!
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